How Delivery Will Change Cities

I love cities, but have concerns about how the...

The Logic Behind Snap Kitchen’s Pivot

Meal kits is a tough business, just look at the...

Why You Should Register for FOD’s Conference

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How Delivery Will Change Cities

How Delivery Will Change Cities

I love cities, but have concerns about how the latest crop of high-tech upgrades will impact city life at the street and sidewalk level. Thanks to advancements like delivery robots, autonomous taxis and drones, which will eventually hit the urban scene in a big way,...

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Food On Demand – News Briefs – March 2018

Bulkbox Aims for Affordable Bulk Food Delivery Seeking to make organic, healthy foods accessible and affordable to more households, Bulkbox Foods launched this month, working directly with farmers to provide organic produce and grass-fed meats straight to the...

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All things finance, mergers, acquisitions and funding from around the industry.

Bite Squad Completes Massive, 17-Company Acquisition

Bite Squad, a seven-year-old, third-party restaurant delivery service based in Minneapolis, announced a massive 17-company acquisition that expands its footprint to more than 30 U.S. metro areas and vaults the company into one of the category’s largest brands.

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Data and insights from around the Food On Demand space.

Survey Says… Consumers Answer Key Delivery Questions

In a research project sponsored Food On Demand, the study is the first of its kind to take a close look at the leaders in third-party delivery, with an army of 1,400 mystery shoppers across the country. SeeLevel also conducted a large consumer survey to see how users of third-party delivery engaged with those delivery providers.

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The Deliverers

All the news from the biggest and smallers third-party delivery firms.

Bite Squad Plans Test of Tesla Model 3s for Delivery Fleet

In its first step to transitioning the company’s existing hybrid-electric fleet to fully electric vehicles in the coming years, Bite Squad will test the Tesla Model 3 as part of its food delivery vehicle fleet. The initial test will be in Bite Squad’s home market of...

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