Beware the ‘Tyranny of Legacy,’ Olo’s Founder Tells Restaurateurs

Food delivery is “not some cute fad” as some...

Food on Demand Just Getting Started, DoorDash COO Says

“It’s the very earliest innings of on-demand...

How Delivery Will Change Cities

I love cities, but have concerns about how the...

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A Chat with Grubhub’s Stan Chia

A Chat with Grubhub’s Stan Chia

Fresh off the announcement of its deal to deliver for YUM Brands’ Taco Bell and KFC, Stan Chia, COO of Grubhub, told the audience at the FOD Conference, that the restaurant industry is mirroring the rise of e-commerce for retail, and for the first time ever people are...

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All things finance, mergers, acquisitions and funding from around the industry.

Bite Squad Completes Massive, 17-Company Acquisition

Bite Squad, a seven-year-old, third-party restaurant delivery service based in Minneapolis, announced a massive 17-company acquisition that expands its footprint to more than 30 U.S. metro areas and vaults the company into one of the category’s largest brands.

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Data and insights from around the Food On Demand space.

Survey Says… Consumers Answer Key Delivery Questions

In a research project sponsored Food On Demand, the study is the first of its kind to take a close look at the leaders in third-party delivery, with an army of 1,400 mystery shoppers across the country. SeeLevel also conducted a large consumer survey to see how users of third-party delivery engaged with those delivery providers.

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What are your peers doing in delivery? Get some of the best practices out there.

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