Grab App Making it Easier to Run Through Airports

The app allows travelers to order food, pay for it and be automatically reminded to submit their orders once they actually set foot in the airport, whether it’s a connection or final destination. The idea is to skip the line and have the food waiting for you when you arrive.

Digital Prowess Key to Playing the Delivery Game

It’s not just laggards that are sitting by and seeing how delivery pans out. The adoption rate is slowed by many factors, but the two key things are the expansion of delivery infrastructure and the addition of digital infrastructure.

Beware the ‘Tyranny of Legacy,’ Olo’s Founder Tells Restaurateurs

Food delivery is “not some cute fad” as some...

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Grubhub Reports Record Results

Rocket-fueled growth in third-party delivery got another positive data point this week, with Grubhub reporting record first quarter results that included 49% revenue growth during the first quarter of 2018.

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GrubHub Gobbles Up Yelp’s Eat24

After forking over for Foodler in June, Grubhub purchased Eat24 from Yelp for $287.5 million, further solidifying its status as the leading provider of third-party food delivery. Investors celebrated Grubhub’s soon-to-be expanded menu and possibilities of the ongoing partnership with Yelp, skyrocketing the shares of both companies in the days following the announcement.

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Data and insights from around the Food On Demand space.

Advice for Driving Delivery Revenue and Demand

The COO of Grubhub, which provides third-party delivery services in more than 800 cities, was joined by Matt Tucker, COO of online ordering and delivery platform Olo, and Mike Church, managing director at Deloitte Consulting, for a discussion at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference in Las Vegas November 13-15 about using delivery to drive revenue and demand.

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What are your peers doing in delivery? Get some of the best practices out there.

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