Grab App Making it Easier to Run Through Airports

The app allows travelers to order food, pay for it and be automatically reminded to submit their orders once they actually set foot in the airport, whether it’s a connection or final destination. The idea is to skip the line and have the food waiting for you when you arrive.

Digital Prowess Key to Playing the Delivery Game

It’s not just laggards that are sitting by and seeing how delivery pans out. The adoption rate is slowed by many factors, but the two key things are the expansion of delivery infrastructure and the addition of digital infrastructure.

Beware the ‘Tyranny of Legacy,’ Olo’s Founder Tells Restaurateurs

Food delivery is “not some cute fad” as some...

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A Chat with Grubhub’s Stan Chia

A Chat with Grubhub’s Stan Chia

Fresh off the announcement of its deal to deliver for YUM Brands’ Taco Bell and KFC, Stan Chia, COO of Grubhub, told the audience at the FOD Conference, that the restaurant industry is mirroring the rise of e-commerce for retail, and for the first time ever people are...

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Amazon’s message was all about the customer

Amazon’s message was all about the customer

Amazon’s Russell Baker gave conference attendees advice on how to be customer obsessed like the large, but nimble, company he works for as general manager of Amazon restaurants. “Obsession is all in, it preoccupies or intrudes on your mind,” he said. “Customers always...

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Study Uncovers ‘Shocking’ Problems With Mail-Order Meat

Hallman’s findings came via in a wide-sweeping study of protein delivered to the home in a partnership with Tennessee State University. It included an elaborate protocol of unpacking, reading temperatures of the protein, box and coolant and examinations of air space and dunnage (the packing materials that reduce airspace).

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