Food Rocket, a rapid grocery delivery startup based in San Francisco, announced a new initiative with World Central Kitchen to provide support to people in Ukraine. Through its #ChefsForUkraine program, its customers can donate any sum directly to WCK with every grocery purchase.

Known for showing up at disasters and humanitarian crises across the globe, World Central Kitchen is serving hot meals in cities across Ukraine and at border crossings with Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova.

The organization has now opened a kitchen and food supply depot in Poland, right on the border with Ukraine, and has a warehouse active in the western Ukraine city of Lviv where trucks are filled with food and supplies headed for eastern cities to support a strained supply chain.

“We are shocked by the war and human tragedy in Ukraine. We stand with the Ukrainian people, including our own colleagues and their families. To support Ukraine, we’ve launched this collaboration with World Central Kitchen. We hope that efforts like these will make a difference and perhaps even save lives,” says Vitaly Alexandrov, CEO and founder of Food Rocket.

If you are a Food Rocket customer, search for #ChefsForUkraine in the catalog or explore the app’s special category. Choose the amount of your donation. Every time you add these items, the full amount will be donated to WCK.