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More Than Delivery

How to make the most of your delivery partnership, including ways to grow your business with deeper partnership opportunities and new offerings that are hitting the market.

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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 • 1:00 pm Central

Make the most of your restaurant’s third-party partnerships by taking advantage of new programs and innovations to drive increased customer demand and order frequency. From the expanded Main Street Strong program to its new Storefront product, DoorDash and its Merchant team can help restaurants unlock new revenue streams, explore new product offerings and make delivery a more profitable channel going forward.

High-Volume Recruiting for On-Demand

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020 • 1:00 pm Central
Join Food On Demand and Fountain for a deep dive into how to empower recruiters and hiring teams for high-volume hiring in this new reality. Hear from industry experts as they explore best practices, innovative ideas and essential technologies that enable organizations to make quick changes, allowing them to keep up with demand. Join us to get inspired by new ideas and opportunities in these challenging times.

Consistency Matters: How Franchises Can Execute Food Delivery Across the System

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Learn from national restaurant brands that are making third-party delivery work during this free webinar Tuesday, March 5, at 2 p.m. EST.

“Standardization” and “controls” are key words in franchising, but how do brands achieve these when third-party delivery comes into play? Join law firm Cheng Cohen and Food On Demand, along with Red Robin, as they delve into real-world challenges franchises face when integrating delivery in their operations—and how to successfully navigate this ever-changing landscape. 

  • We’ll address how to translate food delivery into profitability, along with what brands can do to access valuable customer data. 
  • Plus, learn from a franchisor and franchisee as they share their journey to signing a national delivery contract.

Food On Demand Virtual Workshop

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The Food On Demand team and industry panelists conducted a two-part workshop on June 13th 2018.

FOD 101 Moderated by Tom Kaiser Topics: a deep dive into the numbers, real costs, how delivery affects your P&L and adjusting the menu (what will travel well, packaging needed), protecting your marks, economics of doing it yourself or going with third-party providers.

FOD 201 Moderated by Nick Upton Topics: Addresses virtual/ghost kitchens; whether to go with one or multiple third-party providers, adjusting operations/workflow both in staffing and physical space; customer loyalty.


Operational Logistics: Making Room for Delivery In Your Kitchen

This webinar aired on Sep 06, 2017 at 1:00 PM CDT.

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As third-party restaurant delivery continues gaining steam, Food On Demand has assembled an all-star panel of restaurant experts and owners to discuss the back-of-the-house logistics required to set up and maintain a successful, profitable restaurant delivery operation. This one-hour discussion will include the co-founders of California-based Mendocino Farms, restaurant analyst Jim Greco of Results Through Strategy, Komiel Mohsen, owner of the Bay Area’s eight-unit Nick The Greek restaurant brand and Omnivore CEO Mike Wior. Each will share their strategies for maximizing efficiency and reducing the footprint of third-party delivery, with additional insights on a fast-growing revenue stream that’s transforming the restaurant industry. Q&A will follow the main presentation, giving listeners the chance to interact with the panelists and learn from their experience.


How to Ink Your Third-Party Delivery Contract:

The right third-party delivery service can increase revenue and demand; the wrong choice can damage your restaurant’s reputation and turn-off customers. Our 45-minute webinar — sponsored by online ordering platform, Olo, will give you critical industry insight into how to seamlessly ink your first (or next) delivery service contract.

Speakers include Allan Hickok, Boston Consulting Group’s restaurant expert; Peter Quinn, director of national partnerships at DoorDash; Sabato Sagaria, Union Square Hospitality Group’s chief restaurant officer; and Matthew Tucker, COO at Olo. Food On Demand Editors Tom Kaiser and Nancy Weingartner Monroe will moderate.

Panelists will discuss how to find the right delivery platform, how to integrative delivery into restaurant operations and why delivery can be a valuable incremental revenue stream. This webinar will prepare savvy restaurateurs at all levels to capitalize at the intersection of food and mobility. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your questions answered by industry experts.

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