Kwali Computer Vision Perfects Pizza Production, Delivery Coordination

Kwali’s computer vision monitors pizza production and coordinates more efficient delivery pickups.

Skipcart, DeliverB4 Push Affordable Delivery Alternative

Skipcart and DeliverB4 are offering an outsourced delivery program that claims to save restaurants $2 or more per order.

From Rocket Science, a Delivery Packaging Revolution

A homegrown invention from a rocket scientist claims to solve the problem of condensation buildup in delivery packaging.

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Delivering Premium Breakfast at Another Broken Egg Café

Another Broken Egg Café, like a lot of upscale experiential brands, was caught flat-footed by the pandemic. Its new CEO Paul Macaluso joined in 2019, just in time for a panicked race to figure out delivery for the 92 locations as the packed dining rooms emptied....

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