Empower Delivery Encourages Restaurants to Go All-in on Delivery

Two big names in delivery teamed up to bring independent restaurants and ghost kitchens better delivery economics.

Bikky Founder Details Data-Driven Mission After Seed Round

Food On Demand spoke with Bikky co-founder and CEO Abhinav Kapur shortly before announcing its recent, $5.25-million seed round.

Uber, Nuro Forge 10-Year Robotic Delivery Partnership

Uber Eats signed a 10-year partnership with Nuro, a California-based electric delivery robot developer.

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September 26 & 27 2022

The Off-Premises Packaging Summit is a forum for the industry to connect, collaborate, and construct new solutions specifically for the takeout and delivery market.

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All things finance, mergers, acquisitions and funding from around the industry.

Yum Evolves Off-Premises as ‘Challenges’ Persist

Yum, the parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell and Habit Burger, announced its second-quarter results. Overall, sales and unit growth were both up, but there were some challenges, especially when it came to delivery. According to Yum CEO David Gibbs, Pizza Hut,...

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Data and insights from around the Food On Demand space.

The Deliverers

All the news from the biggest and smallers third-party delivery firms.

Best Practices

What are your peers doing in delivery? Get some of the best practices out there.

Law Firm Recommends Restaurants Prepare for PFAS Regulations

A prominent law firm suggests restaurants should start planning ahead for possible bans of delivery and takeout packaging containing “forever chemicals” commonly known as PFAS. Scientifically known as polyfluoroalkyl substances and informally called forever chemicals,...

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